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Imposter Alert - Jennifer Marie Carter

JENNIFER MARIE CARTER of Cullman, Alabama, is a former registered nurse in Alabama whose license was revoked in 2008. It has come to the Board's attention that Ms. Carter continues to represent herself as a nurse. An order to CEASE and DESIST representing herself as a nurse was sent to Ms. Carter April 21, 2010. Confirmation of her revocation can be found on the Board's web site under "License Look Up."


The Alabama Board of Nursing (ABN) provides this information as a public service.  The information on the website reflects ABN’s best information at the time it is posted.  No representation is made about the verification of licensure in other jurisdictions. Therefore no warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied.  Those relying on this information do so at their own risk and neither the State of Alabama, the ABN nor any of their employees or agents shall be liable for either the accuracy of this information or any actions taken in reliance thereon.