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FAQ - Standardized Procedures

What is a Standardized Procedure?

The regulation answering this question is found in the Alabama Board of Nursing’s Administrative Code Section 610-X-6.01(21) which states

 “Written policies and protocols establishing the permissible functions, activities, and level of supervision of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses for practice beyond basic nursing education preparation.

What procedures require a Standardized Procedure?

In accordance with the Alabama Board of Nursing’s Administrative Code Section 610-X-6-.12, any practice beyond a nurse’s basic education requires the submission and subsequent approval by the Alabama Board of Nursing.

What is the process of applying for a Standardized Procedure?

The submission begins with completion of an application form found on the ABN website under “Forms and Other Information.”  This application form must be approved by the facility/agency/company chief nursing administrator, chief medical officer and chief executive officer as evidenced by their respective signatures.

Accompanying this application form must be the following:

  • Policy and procedure including level of supervision
  • Organized program of study including instructor qualification
  • Plan for supervised clinical practice
  • Plan for demonstration of competency, initially and at periodic intervals

Once the application has been submitted to the Alabama Board of Nursing, the Board action may include but is not limited to:

  • Approval
  • Approval as a pilot project for a period of time not to exceed twelve months with reports to the Board at intervals specified by the Board
  • Denial of the request
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