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FAQ - Sedation

The Alabama Board of Nursing does not have rules or make recommendations on any specific medication. Several rules must be considered including but not limited to ABN Administrative Code Rule 610-X-6-.07 Medication Administration and Safety, ABN Administrative Code Rule 610-X-6-.12 Standardized Procedure Rule, and ABN Administrative Code Rules 610-X-6-.04 and 610-X-6-.05 Practice of Professional Nursing and Practice of Practical Nursing.

Once the rules have been reviewed and it is determined that the administration including route of administration is within the basic education and scope of practice of the nurses, the presence of any black box warnings by the FDA must be explored.

If no black box warnings against a nurse administering the medication exists, and the nurse has the knowledge of the medication(s) as required in the rules and the route of administration is within the nurse’s basic education, a facility/agency policy must be written that includes the knowledge, skills and abilities that the nurses must have to manage risks and any potential complications, and requirements for supervised clinical practice and demonstration of competency, initially and at periodic intervals.

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