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Alabama Board of Nursing
VDAP Specific Regulations for Board Recognized Treatment Providers

Rule 610-X-13-.04   Board Recognized Treatment Providers

  1. It is within the Board’s discretion to recognize treatment providers. 
  2. The Board-recognized treatment provider shall meet the following criteria:

    (a)  Conduct or provide for, by a qualified provider, assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment   of:

(i)  Substance use or abuse or chemical dependency.
(ii)  Physical illness

(iii)  Psychiatric and mental illness.

(b)  Conduct, during the initial phase of treatment, biological testing and screening for drugs, chemicals, and alcohol that are analyzed by qualified medical and laboratory personnel.  A drug screen that is positive during treatment requires confirmation, at the applicant or licensee’s expense, from a laboratory approved by the Board.  The treatment provider shall notify the Board’s designee(s) of any drug screen deemed positive.

(c)  Communicate, in a timely manner, with authorized Board designee(s), through electronic communications and written reports:

(i)   Compliance with treatment requirements.
(ii)  Data necessary to develop stipulations for the VDAP agreement.
(iii)  Changes in treatment
(iv)  Data essential to conduct compliance monitoring by the Board’s designee(s).

(d)  Provide individualized written plan(s) of care including assessment and diagnosis, treatment goals, discharge criteria, guidelines for continuing recovery, and recommendations for return to practice.

(e)  Be approved by the State Department of Mental Health or a Board-recognized approving body.

(f)  Conduct or provide for continuing care for a minimum one day per week for twelve months following initial treatment but longer if deemed necessary by the treatment provider. 

(g)  Incorporate the 12-step philosophy into treatment and require, at a minimum, the applicant or licensee’s attendance at a minimum of three (3) 12-step meetings per week during the initial phase of treatment.

(h)  For intensive outpatient programs, provide at a minimum 100 hours of treatment per episode, excluding continuing care, at least three (3) days per week in the initial phase.

Author:  Alabama Board of Nursing

Statutory Authority:  Code of Alabama, 1975, § 34-21-25. 

History:  Effective August 29, 1994. Repealed and Replaced:  Filed May 20, 2002.  Effective June 25, 2002.  Amended:  Filed November 22, 2005.  Effective December 27, 2005.

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