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Alabama Board of Nursing
VDAP Program Requirements

Program Requirements

A nurse wishing to participate in VDAP must comply with all requests and recommendations made in the process of entering the program.

  1. Cooperate with any and all evaluations recommended (neuropsychological testing, medical evaluations, pain management assessment, etc.) to determine treatment and monitoring needs. You must use the evaluation process that is accepted and approved by the Board.

  2. Cooperate with ALL treatment recommendations made.

  3. Be responsible for ALL costs of evaluation, treatment, and monitoring.

  4. Utilize treatment providers, counselors, laboratory services, etc. you are referred to that are recognized and approved by the Board. Approval of any services needs to be determined PRIOR to their use.

  5. Voluntarily cease nursing practice until treatment providers and program staff decide the nurse is ready to return to practice AND monitoring Agreement is signed.

Please note: treatment and monitoring recommendations are not made according to the coverage provided by a particular insurance plan.
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