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Alabama Board of Nursing
Filing a complaint

General Information

Delays may be minimized when employers submit the supporting documentation along with the complaint. The Nurse Administrator should have all of the appropriate documentation at hand so it can be provided to the Board of Nursing.  A subpoena will be issued for specific records related to the complaint.

In cases of a positive drug screen done for cause: Please submit the laboratory report itself and the chain of custody form and the confirmation report.  We also need the documentation that formed the basis of the “cause” for the drug screen.

In cases of a positive, random drug screen:  Please submit the laboratory report itself and the chain of custody form and the confirmation report.

In cases of suspected narcotic theft:  If an employer audit of patient medical records has revealed errors in charting and/or administering controlled drugs, we require specific records for every suspected occasion found.  Specifically, we require the Physician’s Orders, the MAR (often the reverse side is as important as the front so, please copy both sides), the Nurse’s Notes and the Controlled Drug Administration Record (or the report produced by Pyxis or other automated systems).  In making copies of these documents, please assure that the document copies “from margin to margin” and does not cut-off important information.

In cases of false charting:  Provide the document that was falsified.  Please do not highlight the fraudulent entry.  In cases wherein an act or procedure should have been charted but was not, please provide the document to show the absence of the proper chart entry.

Witness Statements:  In many cases, written statements by other employees who witnessed all or part of an occurrence are important since these same individuals might be called upon to provide testimony at a formal hearing.  Please ensure that these statements are properly identified as to author, are legible, and are completely copied, margin to margin.  An accompanying cover letter summarizing the documents described herein should also identify these possible witnesses by full name, address and job title. 

Documentation in these cases may vary somewhat according to the facility as well as the circumstances.  Documents likewise may vary in title but serve the same basic function as the generic titles used herein.

Employer Information