IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective in 2016, the ABN will no longer issue license cards. Click HERE for more information.
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Alabama Board of Nursing
Group Online License Verification Subscription Service

The Alabama Board of Nursing offers annual membership in our group on-line verification service, which includes PUSH technology, for healthcare agencies, offices, and groups. Once you have subscribed and entered the license numbers of the nurses employed in your facility/agency, you will receive electronic notification any time there is a change in any employee’s license status. In addition, subscribing will eliminate the need to submit the annual report of employing agencies, as this will be accomplished electronically through the on-line subscription verification process.

Benefits of subscription:

  • Provides license verification information without phone calls or written requests.
  • PUSH technology will notify you immediately of changes in license status.
  • Reduces the risk of individuals working without proper authorization from the Board of Nursing.
  • Provides information to employers about individual nurses


Notices will include the following


1.     PUSH technology

2.     Name of licensee

3.     License Number

4.     License status (including temporary permits)

5.     Expiration date of license

6.     Original date of licensure

7.     Prior public action: Yes or No (copy of Board Order without charge if requested)

8.     Advanced Practice status


A.    Date of initial approval of Advanced Practice status

B.    Date of expiration of Advanced Practice status

C.    Name of collaborating physician for CRNP/CNM

D.    Prescriptive authority: Yes or No for CRNP/CNM



What do I need to do?

  • Determine the level of service required based on number of licensees.
  • Submit the registration form along with payment of the annual fee.
  • Follow the directions for input of employed license numbers into the ABN website


What are the levels of service and what is the price?



Number of Licenses

Annual Subscription Fees

Level One
0 - 250
Level Two
251 - 500
Level Three
500 +

*If paying online using a credit card, a transaction fee will be added to your total. 

For questions you may contact:

Peggy Benson, Executive Officer or John Glasscock, Chief Fiscal Officer at 334-293-5200

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