IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective in 2016, the ABN will no longer issue license cards. Click HERE for more information.
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Alabama Board of Nursing
License Verification



The Alabama Board of Nursing obtains primary source verification of education prior to issuance of licenses.  For advanced practice nurses, primary source verification of certification occurs prior to issuance of approval.


License Lookup on the Board's web site is considered primary source verification.  However, you can subscribe to the group online license verification system for healthcare agencies, offices, and groups  and receive electronic notification any time there is a change in any employee’s license status. For more information about the group online license verification system for employers of nurses, click here.



You need to have  a file on record with the  recipient receiving the verification.


Make sure the first and last name the ABN has on file matches the name you have on file with the recipient.  If your name does not match, please submit a name change request with the ABN and do not order the verification until the name change has been officially changed with the ABN. Your name change can be verified under the License Lookup link.


The legal documents required for a name change are one of the following:

(a) Marriage certificate.

(b) Divorce decree (has to state name change in decree).

(c) Probate court records effecting a legal name change.

If requesting a license verification, please allow 3 to 5 days for your verification to be PROCESSED and MAILED.

NOTE: The online applications will not currently work with Firefox.  Please use Internet Explorer
or Chrome.  Also, make sure scripting is enabled.