IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective in 2016, the ABN will no longer issue license cards. Click HERE for more information.
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Proposed Rule Changes


To facilitate the ABN’s transition from issuing license cards to issuing CE cards, the Board proposed changes to the rules listed below at the January 2016 Board Meeting.

The ABN will accept verbal or written comments until 4:30pm on Thursday, April 14, 2016.

  • 610-X-4 Licensure
  • 610-X-5-.07 Authorization for Practice as CRNP
  • 610-X-5-.18 Authorization for Practice as CNM
  • 610-X-9-.03 Authorization for Practice as CRNA
  • 610-X-9-.06 Notice Requirements
  • 610-X-9-.09 Authorization for Practice as CNS
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